Sophia Dunkley, C.B.M . Consultant, Trainer and Coach

My clients often tell me that I can clearly see and articulate their specific vision for their practice and that I help them connect the pieces for making that vision real. I have a passion for transforming dental practices into high-performing and highly profitable small businesses that serve and change the lives of their patients.

My approach is focused on understanding where you are now in your practice vision, where the bottlenecks and pain points are, and what we need to put in place to create a path to success, business growth, and also, the best practices for profitability. I provide transformational training in leadership and staff development to convert a general dentistry office into a high-level comprehensive, trusted, and profitable dental practice, with a focus on putting the patients’ focus on the choice to make the decisions that change their lives. I have over 25 years of experience managing each and every system in the dental practice, and I have trained teams in developing the skills and techniques needed to excel in every position in the dental office.

By utilizing virtual consulting and in-office consulting with a focus on customized team support and implementing successful strategies, I have been able to help dentists build effective teams that deliver exceptional service to their patients while fostering a healthy business structure.

My extensive training from multiple dental consulting groups, The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies, and training in all forms of practice management and dental systems, as well as my strong focus on patient satisfaction and team motivation, gives me recognized specialist status in this field and keeps me in high demand. I pride myself on creating a solid, comfortable, and trusted relationship with my doctors and their staff.

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